Soy Protein Powder

Soy protein powder is a vegetable protein powder based on soy. It is widely used in meat production. For example, you can add it to cooked sausages. This increases the yield, the fat-emulsifying capacity and the water-binding capacity. Per kilo of product you use 1 to 3 grams of soy protein powder. You can order the powder online at Natural Spices in a package of 2 or 10 kilos. Besides the fact that many hobby chefs and professional chefs use this product, many athletes buy the powder as well. This is because of its high nutritional value that helps building muscles. After buying soy protein powder online, you need to seal the packaging well after each use and store it cool and dark.

What Is Soy Protein powder

Soy protein powder is a complete vegetable product, but where exactly does it come from? It is extracted from the soy bean, the legume of the soy plant. The beans are peeled and ground, after which the fat is separated from the rest. What is left over is crushed again. The result is a highly protein-rich substance.

Why Is Soy Protein Powder Healthy

Soy consists of as much as 35% protein and also contains a considerable percentage of unsaturated fats. In Asia they have been aware of the health benefits of soy for much longer. Slowly but surely, the product is also gaining more and more ground with us. Besides a lot of proteins and unsaturated fats, soy protein powder also contains many important amino acids.

The human body cannot make these substances and that is why it is important that you get them through food. Soy contains essential amino acids, therefore we call this vegetable protein a complete protein. Athletes make grateful use of soy protein powder because it promotes growth and the maintenance of muscle mass. It also has a positive effect on bone health.


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